Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Tip Tuesday: Stop feeding...Stop starving...

Ever feel like a total and complete hypocrite? I often feel that way when I write Hot Tip Tuesdays. It's much easier to write tips than to follow them, that's for sure! Today's tip, however, is one that I really don't want to let slide even for a moment. In fact, if I can hang on to this one, all of the other tips will fall into place. Ready for it? (insert drum roll here)

"Stop feeding what you want to die and starving what you want to live."

I know, I know, it sounds a bit more philosophical than our usual tips, but it really is applicable!

For example, I want to a desire for healthy foods to live and constant want of fat food to die. So, why do I keep "feeding" the desire for indulgences by watching the food network more than anything else on TV (I really, really love the food network). I can justify the fact that I like it for the competition shows all I want, but the truth is, it just makes me think about food A LOT. How could I feed a healthy appetite? I can start reading healthy cookbooks (yes, I AM that nerdy), health magazines or blogs about healthy food.

Another example, I want to have high, sustained energy rather than getting tired after cleaning the floors or grocery shopping. So how do I feed an energetic life? I build stamina through food, water, and exercise. How do I starve a lazy, tired life? I avoid things that cause me to sit longer than I should (like too much computer time, TV, etc). Does this make sense?

This week's challenge (don't forget, WRITE IT DOWN): What is one habit/quality that you really want to see thrive in your life? How are you going to feed it? What is one habit/quality you really want to see die in your life? How are you going to starve it out?

Let us know what you're thinking! Comment, comment, comment. :)

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