Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday - What kind of example are you setting?

by Susan
I was watching The Biggest Loser last night and I realized the majority of parent/child teams, the child out weighs the parent. It made me sad and I spent the rest of the night feeling guilty and thinking about what kind of an example I am making for my girls. I know that the "kids" on the show are now adults and make their own choices of the food they now eat but what kind of example were their parents growing up?

My daughters are young and I am sure haven't thought twice about what they see or not see me eating but I need to make some changes now. Don't get me wrong I make sure I feed them healthy meals even disgusting things like bananas but they don't see me eating all the fruits and veggies

This brings me to our "Weigh-In Wednesday" topic: What example are you setting for your kids when it comes to health and exercise? What are two things you can change today to set a good example?

My two things I will change:
1. Eat the same fruit and vegetable servings I give my kids
2. Include them in my workout time instead of waiting for their nap time.

Please post your comments on what you are doing or can change to set a healthy example. I know I could use your ideas.


  1., that whole eat the same fruits and veggies thing, does that include bananas? :-)

  2. Uh... no.... I, I just can't lol

  3. Stopping by from MBC. Really enjoying your blog so I decided to follow. My family is also on a mission to become healthier. Not everyone in my family needs to lose weight, but I am trying my best to encourage them to 'be healthy'. Our goal for the week is to take a walk everyday.