Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hot Tip Tuesday: GET RID OF IT! (aka Magic Fudge)

by Jenn
I know our postings have been a bit sparse, but all of your SAHMs understand...if it's not one thing it's another!

If you're looking for an update on my goal of 5lbs by Thanksgiving, there's good news and there's bad news...here it is...

This morning I decided to finally weigh myself. Unlike Susan, who is scale obsessed, I avoid the scale like a plague. Ignorance is bliss, right? Well, I was sick over the weekend and the only things that "sounded good" were nachos, fudge and Coke classic. Normally these things wouldn't even be in my house (HONEST, just ask my friends, our food selection is very boring and fairly healthy thanks to our lack of self-control) but we had just had a leaders retreat and all of the leftovers came to my house. SO...when sickness hit I was able to indulge my weaknesses, NOT GOOD. Needless to say, it was time to face the music and weigh in.

This first time I stepped on the scale I was shocked, it said I had LOST 12lbs!!! Perhaps this fudge was MAGIC FUDGE!!! How could this be? So I moved the scale to a different spot on the floor and weighed again...12lbs down, AGAIN!!! Could this be? Is fudge the next weight loss miracle drug?! Knowing the unlikeliness of this (but secretly hoping deep inside), I moved the scale one more time and all of the magic left...3lbs up. Boo. (ah well, it was nice while it lasted) That's definitely the BAD news.

Here's the GOOD news. Yesterday, while trying to regain my footing after being sick for three days, I couldn't stop thinking about that fudge just waiting for me with all of it's creamy goodness contrasted against it's crunchy nuttiness (ok, I'll stop). I found myself walking toward the freezer (I had put it there in an attempt to avoid it...and yes, I ate it frozen, don't judge) several times telling myself that I would just have "one more piece" and then be done with it. Well, friends, one more piece turned into SEVERAL more pieces. Finally I got a hold of myself and did the unthinkable...I THREW THE MAGIC FUDGE AWAY! That's right, the fudge that was delicious and comforting (and deadly) went into the garbage never to be seen again (well, at least until Christmas comes along with some new fudge).

So, here's my hot tip of the week: When you know you just can't handle yourself around a certain food item, GET RID OF IT! I knew the moment that fudge entered my house that it would be a problem. I couldn't, however, stand the thought of throwing it away. So, I put it in the freezer in the garage far away from my normal roaming patterns. Usually this would work for me, but we're talking about FUDGE, people, this is not the USUAL temptation! So (although a little too late) I finally did what my first instinct had told me to do and threw the lovely fudge away (in the OUTSIDE garbage-this was serious).

For all of you food-savers who can't stand the thought of "wasting" food, don't panic. There are other options to throwing food away. You can give it away to a skinny friend (sabotage?), you could share it the moment you received it (which is what I should have done at the retreat), or you could send it to work with your spouse. The method doesn't matter, but the principle does. If you know you can't handle a certain food item in your house GET RID OF IT! One moment of food waste is ok for the sake of the health of your waist.

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  1. GO JENN!!!! Next time you should call me and I can get rid of any of you food!!!! Chris would agree too.