Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In ... on Thursday

by Susan

Man, I am exhausted. You would think being a stay at home mom I would have so much time on my hands. I wish. I was so disappointed that I didn't get my "Wednesday Weigh In" posted on Wednesday. I know it sounds a little lame but i have huge problem with constancy in my weigh loss and I really wanted to break that. I am really good about logging my meals, exercising and being healthy for maybe two or three days and then everything flies out the door. So I am a day late but I'm posting.
I read an article this week 10ways to cut 100 calories on the Everyday Health website. It states that if you can cut 100 calories per day it can result in a 10 pound weight loss. Guess what one of the tips was? go on a beverage alert! "Obvious drinks to avoid sodas"! The article goes on to attack my coffee creamer. Two of my most favorite things. I have to say that I have been told to cut out "my coke" and i will loose weight. I have done it before while trying to conceive and remained "caffeine free" for 9 months with my first baby. When i was pregnant with our second I found a loop hole. I could have 300mg of caffeine a day. So I went searching. I found out that 20 ounces of Coke only has 51mg of caffeine. As I am writing this I am embarrassed at how pathetic and addicted I sound. It is time; I'm going cold turkey.

Here are my goals for this week:

  1. I am still working on finishing the Song of Songs series. I tried to finish it last week but it was longer than expected. I have also been reading in the book of Hosea.
  2. Take Ryleigh on a date.
  3. Log my food and NO COKE. I am also going to work toward Jenn's goal of 5lbs for Thanksgiving and 5lbs. for Christmas.

Here are the other tips for cutting 100 calories:

  1. Make oil substitution

  2. Go on a beverage alert

  3. Change up the coffee

  4. Modify the recipe

  5. Portion control counts

  6. Learn to say "no thanks"

  7. Beware of condiments

  8. Watch out for toppings, dressings, and dips

  9. Make smart food substitution

  10. Drink responsibly

Here's to a good week. ~ Susan

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