Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hot Tip Tuesday: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

by Jenn
Well, I didn't make it. Nope. Thanksgiving came and went and I did not lose 5lbs. In fact, I gained 3 and lost 2, so I actually ended up a pound up. BOOOOO. (Insert all lame exuses, including sickness here.) Thankfully, during this little mini journey, I believe I have received a major wake up call and as a result I have begun a new adventure. I'm excited to share it with all of you, however, that is for another time.

In the meantime, what is one major lesson I have learned from my T-day failure? The same lesson my husband has tried to engrave into my brain since we married nearly 12 years ago. MAKE A PLAN!!! He loves the quote, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I have to admit, that cliche' gets REALLY annoying at times, BUT he's the one who has lost 110lbs all on his own...so he has some pretty hefty (no pun intended) leverage behind his beloved quote.

It's one thing to have a goal (aka 5lbs by Thanksgiving), but it's pointless if you don't create a do-able strategy and stick to it. If you're anything like me a goal can be easily swept to the side if you don't have a plan and a constant reminder of that plan in front of you.

So....although I 100% (plus some) failed my attempt at losing 5lbs by Turkey Time, I haven't given up! I'm still going to aim toward 5lbs by Christmas (yes, I know, there ARE parties to attend and temptations all around, but isn't there always?). This time, however, I HAVE A PLAN and I'm putting things and people around me to help me stick to it.

I'm not going to share my entire plan with you because I'm fully aware that everyone is very different in how they achieve their health and self-discipline goals. I will, however, leave you with one little bonus tip...

IF YOU BITE IT, YOU WRITE IT! If you've ever attended a Weight Watchers meeting or watched the Biggest Loser, you'll notice that one of the biggest points of strategy is to keep track of what you put in your mouth whether solid or liquid. I'm following this strategy by using an old (and quite blank) food journal I had from a previous season at WW. To remind me to use it (and so my husband can see it and keep me motivated) I placed it on top of my microwave with a pen. I'm at the microwave a lot prepping baby food and bottles, so this is the perfect place.

Pray for me! I could really use the momentum of a 5lb loss and I'd love to go in to Christmas feeling good about the choices I'm making.

Your Turn: What strategies do you use to keep yourself working toward the goal?


  1. my goal is to take a walk every day (that isn't pouring rain) between now and Christmas. It doesn't have to be a power walk or even a long walk. Just something to get me moving. My strategy: I told my kids we would. Now I have to, and you know they won't let me forget!

    My second goal is to not eat after 8pm (I'm a total night snacker). Strategy....still working on that. :-)

  2. Hi! I am Susan's sister Barb. Like Susan I have taken this weight loss journey to many times to count. I have once lost 80lbs on my own following my own version of WW,only to gain most of it back. We all know what to do it is the follow through that is the hard part. I feel that the best way to stay on track is to be accountable to someone who understands your journey but won't by into all the many excuses you can come up with. So I am putting it out there. I am 208lbs. My overall goal is to lose 80lbs. In my previous journey I would use this self talk statement; "I will have it tomorrow" hoping that tomorrow would never come and I was not denying but just delaying. I know it sound very simple but it worked like magic for me. I am on my way to that 5lb Christmas weight loss. Thanks for sharing you heart and thoughts. This is a wonderful idea. Will continue to follow. In support! Barb

  3. My choice for exercise is a mini trampoline. It firms you up all over, is easy to do and it is not dependent on the weather. When I first started I only could do it for 5 minutes I eventually worked up to an hour with ankle weights. When I let that go the weight started creeping back on. Trampoline here I come. I mean right now, as soon I get done with this comment. Oh you can help with homework while jumping, answer questions and be an example to the kiddos of exercising, plus they can do it too. Barb